FAQ How to use Visa Gift Card on Amazon

Does Visa gift card work on Amazon?

A prepaid Visa gift card can be used to make Amazon purchases. However, you will need to work around the system. Split payments between gift cards and other payment methods will not be allowed by Amazon. You must match the purchase price with your gift card balance.

How do I pay with a Visa gift card on Amazon?

  1. Click on the Amazon Homepage tab and select the “Your Account” tab from the dropdown menu.
  2. Scroll down to Amazon Pay, and click on “Add Gift Card to Your Balance”.
  3. You will have two choices: add a gift certificate or add money to your gift cards.

How do I use a vanilla Visa gift card on Amazon?

  1. Visit Amazon’s page ‘Reload Your Balance’.
  2. In the box marked “Custom amount” (arrow in image) enter the amount of your Visa gift card.
  3. Register for your Amazon account at checkout. If you are already logged in, this step can be skipped.

How do I add a Visa gift card to Amazon app?

  1. Scroll to the bottom.
  2. Click “Add a payment”
  3. Choose the “Add a Debit or Credit Card” option.
  4. Fill in the details for your Visa Gift Card.
  5. Click “Add your card.”

Why is Amazon not letting me use my gift card?

Visit Redeem a gift card if you have problems redeeming your gift card. Make sure you review the Amazon Gift Card Terms & Conditions to ensure that your order meets all requirements for purchasing with a gift certificate. Amazon.com gift cards can only be used at Amazon.com 

How do I add a gift card to my Amazon account?

After you log in, click on your account. Enter the claim code (number) on the back. It will add the gift card to your account and tell you how much it is worth.

How do I use a Visa gift card online?

You can use your card to make online purchases by entering the card number, expiry dates and the 3 digit code(CVV) on the back of your card. Websites may ask for your name, so you can simply enter “Gift Card” into the provided field.

Where can I use a Visa gift card?

You can use the Visa debit gift card at any place that accepts Visa debit cards . You can use it in gas stations, restaurants and doctor’s offices, as well as online. Visa debit cards can be accepted by millions of merchants around the world.

Can I use a vanilla gift card on Amazon?

You can use vanilla gift cards in any store that accepts Mastercard. You can’t use a Vanilla Gift Card directly on Amazon. Instead, the system will “trick” you into thinking you are using a Mastercard credit or debit card.

Why is my vanilla gift card being declined?

A number of reasons could lead to a purchase being declined: There isn’t enough money on your card. Your card has not been activated or registered. You used a different address to make online or telephone purchases than the one you have on file with your card provider.

Why is my Vanilla gift card not working?

Most commonly, the card is not activated, the cashier has run the wrong type transaction, or the dollar amount being charged exceeds the card’s balance. The credit card processing machine may also be increasing the charge amount to place a hold on it or allow for gratuity.

How do I activate my vanilla visa gift card?

How Do I Activate My Vanilla Visa Gift Card? It is easy to activate your card. Usually, cards can be activated immediately after they are purchased from VanillaGift.com. However, you can also activate the Cards online or by calling the toll free number on the back of your Card.

What name do I put for a Visa gift card?

Enter your real name and current address. Just like a credit card, you must enter your first name and last name when you register the gift card.

How do I pay with a gift card balance on Amazon?

Amazon Payments accounts will show the account balance in the payment selection page. To pay for your order , simply select the option to use your Amazon Payments balance during checkout.

Can I pay for Amazon Prime with a gift card?

Amazon now lets you use your gift card balance (affiliate hyperlink) to pay for your Prime membership. You can edit your payment preferences for Amazon Prime Membership by clicking on the link below.

Can Amazon gift cards only be used on Amazon?

Gift cards cannot be used to purchase eligible goods and services from Amazon.com Services LLC or its affiliates (including redemptions services provided through Amazon Payments, Inc. on www.amazon.com) or any of its affiliated properties, like smile.amazon.com.

Can you buy stuff on Amazon with a gift card?

What items can an Amazon.com Gift Card be used for? A: No matter what type of Amazon.com gift card you have, all claim codes for Amazon.com Gift Cards can be used to redeem millions of products storewide at Amazon.com and Endless.com.

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